Corporate Events and Custom Pieces

Corporate Events and Parties

I do a large range of corporate work events from private work parties to providing additional entertainment at promotional events. I have well over a decade of experience in multiple countries of doing this and many companies give repeat custom. Hand crafted balloon models are popular with attendees and are a great mood booster!

Please note that if your company event would benefit from it I am multilingual and have no problem working in Spanish, German or Italian in addition to English if required.

Custom Display Pieces

I can also create larger display pieces to order based upon specifications given. These can be an excellent temporary focus point for product launches or other such events.

Anyone can tie balloons to a frame, but what I can offer here are custom art pieces which look great and are ideal for both the company and attendees alike to share on social media. If interested in this please contact me to discuss your needs and together we can work on having an attention-grabbing piece that draws extra attention towards your brand or product.

I have won multiple competitions for doing such pieces, including being the first ever non-American winner of the ‘Broken Pump’ competition at the ‘Twist and Shout’ Balloon convention in America as well as several competitions in mainland Europe and I am always keen to design and create larger when an occasion presents itself.

If you are interested in me creating such a piece for yourself or your company, please contact me either through the site, on 087-877845499 or

Interested in my services?

If you are interesting in booking me for entertainment for your event or in me creating a custom piece for yourself or your company, I can be reached on 087-877845499, by email or by the contact form linked below.

Corporate clients include: